6 cloud computing savings you may be missing out on

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As more organizations deploy applications in the cloud to meet demand spikes, cost is a major consideration. Often, businesses start comparing service charges and the cost of renting or buying nodes, making a list of all of the things that matter to each option: computing in the cloud, renting compute capacity for some amount of time, or adding servers to the permanent arsenal. While these contributing factors may seem obvious and the math relatively straightforward, those who have taken the leap into the cloud have often cited that crucial cost considerations are easily overlooked.

If you are faced with the financial justification of moving some computing to the cloud, be sure to look past the obvious cost-saving measurements. Sometimes value goes beyond the price tag of hardware and can only be truly understood through working in an environment without capacity and performance obstacles. Scott Jeschonek, director of cloud solutions at Avere Systems, lists a few of the top things your organization should keep in mind.