How to Backup, Restore, Reset Start Menu layout in Windows 10

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At times you may want to preserve your Start Menu layout or keep the same layout across your Windows 10 devices. In such a case it might be a good idea to backup your Start Menu layout so that you can restore it again. This post will show you how to Backup and Restore Start Menu layout, and even how to Reset Start Menu to default in Windows 10.

To begin, you need to do the following first – Enable the super built-in Administrator account in Windows 10. So, if you are running a different account, we suggest you sign out from that account and sign in with the Administrator account you just enabled moments ago.

Next, you need to make File Explorer show Hidden & System files and folders.

Backup Start Menu settings in Windows 10

Backup, Restore, Reset Start Menu layout in Windows 10

Having done the initial basic things, navigate to the following address:


Remember to replace the <user name> portion with the name of the user whose Start Menu layout you need to backup.

Click open TileDataLayer folder and you will see a folder with the name – Database. This folder stores all the required information about the Tiles displayed and the Start Menu layout for the selected user account.

To create a backup of the Start menu layout in Windows 10, make a copy of this Database folder and save it elsewhere in a safe place, and sign out from the Administrator account. Do not forget to disable the built-in Administrator account.

Restore Start Menu settings in Windows 10

Now, if ever you need to restore your Start Menu layout, enable the built-in Administrator account, make File Explorer show hidden files and folders. and then delete the following folder:


Now copy paste the folder that you had earlier, in this TileDataLayout folder location, and restart your computer.

Reset Windows 10 Start Menu settings

If you wish to reset Start Menu settings to default, simply rename the Database folder to say – Database-Bak. On restart you will see the default Start Menu layout.

Before you exit, remember to disable the built-in Administrator account and change back the Show Hidden files & folder setting.

This is how you can backup, restore and even reset Start Menu layout in Windows 10. Please note the method is applicable to Windows 10 builds running version 10240 or above.

This post will show you how to Import, Export Start Menu layout in XML file format.