LogicMonitor Unveils LM Cloud Bringing SaaS-based Performance Monitoring to Multi-Cloud Environments

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the leader in SaaS-based performance monitoring for complex IT
infrastructure, today introduced LM Cloud, the total solution for cloud services monitoring.
By providing real-time visibility into the performance of cloud
services, LM Cloud enables IT departments to maximize their investments
and proactively prevent downtime of critical applications and processes.

CIOs are tasked with managing a variety of web
services across their organizations, so a cloud agnostic monitoring
solution, like LM Cloud, fits right into their existing strategy. “As a
technology-forward financial institution, we’re pushing the bounds of
innovation with a growing Microsoft Azure deployment. From a monitoring
standpoint, we’ve seen very rapid adoption of LogicMonitor throughout
the organization,” comments Nick Cardinal-Richards, Platform Engineer,
Schroders. “The core monitoring capability is brilliant, and we’re
thrilled that LogicMonitor is extending this functionality to the

Delivering Comprehensive, Cloud Agnostic Monitoring

Cloud makes migrations more manageable and cost-predictable by applying
a comprehensive monitoring strategy to overall cloud performance. This
new product gives users real-time, data-driven insight into every
potentially impactful component of their cloud deployment through three
fundamental elements: cloud provider monitoring, resource performance
monitoring and detailed ROI analysis.

Key LM Cloud benefits include:

  • Built-in
    intelligence to enable automated discovery of an organization’s entire
    cloud environment so users can begin to monitor their cloud deployment
    within minutes
  • Automatically generated dashboards provide
    a bird’s-eye-view into every component of an organization’s cloud
    deployment from provider availability, to resource health and ROI
  • Enhanced visibility into cloud resources and
    application performance right out-of-the-box so IT teams can quickly
    troubleshoot issuesacross hybrid environments to prevent downtime

seeing rapid movement to the cloud among enterprises, and they expect
the same deep insights from cloud-backed architecture as they do from
physical infrastructure,” said William Fellows, VP of Research, Cloud
Transformation, 451 Research. “Most importantly, Enterprises
require data continuity as they make the transition to cloud.
Approaching this transition with a hybrid-ready, cloud agnostic
monitoring solution reduces risk and provides the freedom to migrate in a
direction and at a pace dictated by desired business outcomes.” 

addition of LM Cloud to LogicMonitor’s product suite makes it the most
comprehensive, SaaS-based monitoring solution for hybrid
environments. LM Cloud extends the LogicMonitor core functionality to
enable comprehensive monitoring of services and applications running in
the cloud with support for Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

cloud providers like Microsoft, Amazon and Google are disrupting the
competitive landscape by allowing businesses to innovate and iterate at a
pace that is completely unprecedented,” said Kevin McGibben, President
and CEO of LogicMonitor. “Making the transition from on-premises to
cloud-based infrastructure can lead to destabilizing gaps in visibility
so hybrid-ready monitoring has become absolutely mission critical to the
process. LM Cloud provides better insight into a cloud deployment,
which translates into more control, reduced risk, and the ability to
leverage the cloud with greater insights and confidence.” 

Carl, Director, Commercial Communications, Microsoft Corp. said, “We’re
pleased to see LogicMonitor’s commitment to Microsoft Azure. The
productivity, intelligence and hybrid capabilities of Microsoft Azure,
combined with LogicMonitor’s comprehensive monitoring solution, support
our customers with a trusted solution as they invest in the cloud.”

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