The best (and worst) parts of server virtualization products

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Server virtualization software partitions a physical server into multiple, isolated virtual machines to make the most efficient use of server resources. According to the IT Central Station user community, the most important criteria to consider when choosing server virtualization software are simplicity of deployment, stability, and safe automated management. The goals? Increased IT agility and flexibility.

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Six of the top server virtualization software solutions are VMware ESXi, VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle VM VirtualBox, Oracle VM and Citrix XenServer, according to online reviews by enterprise users in the IT Central Station community.

But what do enterprise users really think about these tools? Here, users give a shout out for some of their favorite features, but also give the vendors a little tough love.

Editor’s note: These reviews of select Server Virtualization Software vendors come from the IT Central Station community. They are the opinions of the users and are based on their own experiences.