Up your LEGO-building game with the Nimuno Loops “LEGO tape”

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Nimuno Loops might be the missing piece to your LEGO-building needs. Created by industrial designers Anine Kirsten and Max Basler from Cape Town, Nimuno Loops are rolls of LEGO-compatible adhesive tape that turns almost any surface at any angle into a LEGO-building project site. The reusable, bendable tape can be cut with scissors to your desired length, and it works with other major toy-building block systems like Mega Bloks and Kreo. 

Screenshots via YouTube.

Image via Indiegogo.

Team Nimuno spent over a year developing the Nimuno Loops, from concept to working prototype. Starting out with an $8,000 goal, Team Nimuno’s Indiegogo campaign has amassed $758,399 from over 20,000 backers so far. The funds will help the designers pay for final prototyping and testing of the Loops using different materials and adhesive, the necessary industrial tools for casting the Loops, and shipping and logistics. Backers are expected to receive the tape starting this July.