3 options for applications that don’t fit the cloud

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Not every application and data set is right for private or public cloud computing. Indeed, as much as 50 percent of today’s workloads are not a good fit for the cloud.

However, all is not lost. You have alternatives that can drive as much value as cloud computing from legacy workloads. As we continue to move the low-hanging fruit to the cloud, we need to find new and more efficient homes for the misfits. Here are three options.

1. Find a SaaS alternative

More than 2,000 SaaS companies provide everything from HR automation to automotive garage management applications. If your legacy application is not right for the cloud, consider a SaaS replacement that not only fits but exceeds expectations.

2. Use a managed service provider

If the application and data can’t move to the cloud, managed services providers (MSPs) may provide a better home, hosted on someone else’s hardware in someone else’s data center. Many of these MSPs are tightly integrated with public clouds, such as Amazon Web Services, and can provide a happy, cost-effective home for your workload, plus have those workloads work and play well with workloads in the public clouds.

3. Consider refactoring

Although refactoring means recoding, which means money and time, it sometimes makes sense to redo an application so that it’s cloud-compatible.