A 3D upgrade that could make you care about Microsoft Paint again

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It’s hard to remember a time when Microsoft Paint wasn’t shorthand for something ham-handedly drawn on a free computer art program. And the while, the software giant has upgraded the app with some regularity in the 30+ plus years since it was first introduced along with Windows 1.0, it will take a lot of doing to remove its association with poorly crafted memes.

It seems likely that the taint may never fully go away, but new leaks point to an upgrade for Windows 10 that may well cause dismissive parties to take another good long look at the program. A new video leaked online ahead of October 26’s big Windows 10 event points to a Paint packing some impressive new features.


“Hi, and welcome to Paint,” the video’s host begins atop a bed of fittingly chipper music. “We have completely redesigned the app and it is packed with cool new features.”giphy-3

What follows is an impressive demo that incorporates new simple 3D design functionality into the perennial program, which could well be Microsoft’s way of laying the groundwork for user created HoloLens content – something akin to an entry-level version of the Oculus Quill or Vive Tilt Brush.

The Verge took an early version of the application for a spin, and while it was lacking the most compelling 3D features (due, likely, to the fact that it dates back to May), the site seemed suitable impressed with the new program’s speed, bucking that old adage about watching Paint dry. Whatever the case, we’re looking to see something much more fully functioning at that event in a couple of weeks.