Built.io launches an IFTTT for business users

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With Flow, Built.io has long offered an integration tool that allowed technical users (think IT admins and developers) to create complex, multi-step integrations with the help of an easy to use drag-and-drop interface. Now, however, the company has also launched a more basic version of Flow that is aimed at business users who want to create IFTTT-like integrations between applications like Cisco Spark, Slack, Gmail, Marketo and Salesforce. To clarify the difference between the two services, the old version of Flow is now Flow Enterprise, while this new one is branded as Flow Express.

flow-express“Integration and automation add value to business and technical users alike, but there are a range of different needs and technical skillsets out there,” Built.io COO Matthew Baier told me. “After serving an audience comprised of power users, IT admins, and generally more technical users, Built.io saw the opportunity to bring integration to a less technical audience – one without a programming background. Built.io Flow Express helps people without coding skills connect the apps, services, and devices they use every day to automate powerful workflows.”

All of that does sound a lot like existing services like IFTTT, Zapier and Microsoft Flow (yep, same name), but Built.io argues that business processes don’t always lend themselves to the basic “if this then that” model.

Baier says that many of Built.io Enterprise’s users came to the service because they had outgrown what its competitors could offer. “Built.io Flow Express now provides the on-ramp we’d been missing,” he said. “Now with the end-to-end integration capabilities provided by the combination of Built.io Flow Express and Built.io Flow Enterprise, we’re providing an unlimited runway to start small and simple – just like you would with IFTTT – but keep on growing and adding to your integrations, without hitting a wall.”

Flow Express does away with the original drag-and-drop interface. Instead, it uses a basic step-by-step wizard which still allows you to create multi-step flows. The company notes that users who outgrow the Express product, though, will be able to export their integrations and take them to Flow Enterprise. Flow Express currently lets you connect 42 different services. Its competitors generally offer support for a wider range of tools, but all the standard services like Slack, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Trello, Box, Dropbox, etc. are here.

Built.io offers a few trial for Flow Express. Paid plans with support for up to five workflow start at $9/month. The company also offers a premium plan at $29/month with support for up to 25 workflows (and it’s offering a couple of bonus workflows for users who sign up to either plan before October 24).