Create your own ‘Star Wars’ crawls, sonnets and Yoda speeches

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Star Wars Crawl Creator

Don’t relish the thought of buying a $150 robotic BB-8 toy just to have some Star Wars-related fun? Don’t worry, you won’t have to spend a cent. A handful of websites have posted free tools that let you have fun with the sci-fi series’ iconic language. The official Crawl Creator is arguably the highlight — its simple editor turns your writing into the famous scrolling text you’ve seen in front of every Star Wars flick. There’s also a Sonnet Generator that crafts Shakespearean Star Wars poetry from just a few questions. And yes, everyone’s favorite centuries-old Jedi gets his due: plug text into the Yoda-Speak Generator and you’ll get whatever you wrote in Yoda’s distinct verb-follows-subject phrasing. These will only do so much to tide you over until The Force Awakens hits theaters, but they’re definitely gentler on your bank account than the endless waves of merchandise hitting stores.

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