Desktop virtualisation kit-calculator goes open source

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Virtualisation identity Andre Leibovici has open-sourced his desktop virtualisation (VDI) infrastructure calculator.

Leibovici works for Nutanix these days, but his calculator pre-dates that entanglement having first emerged in 2010. The Register‘s virtualisation desk is satisfied it’s not a Nutanix-centric shill.

The tool has gone through a number of iterations over the years, extending its capabilities to assess the infrastructure requirements of ever-more virtual desktops along the way while also keeping up with changes to VMware’s Horizon and Citrix’s XenDesktop.

But Leibovici says he’s now sufficiently busy that “Unfortunately I find myself without time to maintain the VDI calculator, therefore I decided that the best outcome would be to open-source the app and let the community drive maintenance and innovation.”

Hence its publication under an Apache 2.0 licence here on GitHub.

The tool offers users the chance to plug in values like the number of virtual desktops they wish to run, the RAM and CPU configurations available to those desktops, the quantity of storage available, the number VMs expected to run per CPU core and even the size of monitors on end-users’ desks. With all that information to hand, the tool then advice on how best to build a VDI rig.

Leibovici’s own stats suggest the tool is widely-used by the likes of IBM and EMC. Perhaps they’ll now kick in some code to keep the tool evolving? ®

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