HPE, Samsung take clouds to carriers

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HPE and Samsung are getting together to give carriers a shove towards a more cloudy future.

The two companies have announced a tie-up with a focus on network function virtualisation (NFV) and virtual network functions (VNF).

The two are part of a whole, but subtly different: NFV refers to taking carrier-grade applications (voice switching, video serving, network firewalls and so on) and turning them into software; VNF refers to the individual functions.

They’ve been on the RSN (real soon now) list for some time, but it’s been difficult to get telcos to shift them out of the laboratory.

HPE and Samsung are hoping that network operators would rather not download a free platform and start cutting the own code. HPE’s announcement pitches the ETSI-compliance of its OpenNFV Infrastructure platform, for example.

ETSI, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, is building standard use-cases for NFV/VNF.

Samsung will now join HPE’s OpenNFV Partner Program, making sure its VNFs will run on HPE kit.

Those include a virtual evolved packet core (EPC) function for LTE Advanced networks; an IP media subsystem, and a VNF manager; while HPE’s contribution is to tip in its OpenNFV platform, and its management and orchestration system.

The two will offer integration services and third-party solutions. ®

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