LastPass is the first password manager extension on Edge

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Microsoft is getting closer to releasing its big Windows 10 update this summer, but Windows Insider beta testers with the latest build have a new element to try out today. That’s because LastPass has officially released its first browser extension for Edge (after it leaked out temporarily a week ago), saying it’s the first password manager extension on the platform. Support for extensions is necessary if Edge will try to snag users from the Chrome or Firefox browsers they’re used to, and after AdBlock, password management is a big one.

LastPass running on Microsoft's Edge browser

Using a password manager makes it easy to create and access unique passwords for all of your accounts and avoid a Zuckerberg-type situation or password reset emails from Netflix. According to LastPass, the Edge extension should have all the usual features users expect, with the ability to autofill login information, generate random passwords, and check their vault for duplicates. If you’re not in the test program, you’ll have to wait a little longer for extensions to arrive on Edge, but password managers like LastPass, 1Password and more are widely available across other browsers and mobile platforms if you want to try them out now.

Source: LastPass Blog