O365 Admin Center v3.0 Update

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Hello /r/office365!

I haven't posted in a while but I wanted to share O365 Admin Center v3 update which I believe to be the biggest one yet!

Description: The O365 Admin Center is an application written mainly in PowerShell that lets administrators easily and quickly manage their Office 365 environment. It allows partner accounts to connect to all of their tenants. You can manage Exchange Online, Skype For Business, SharePoint and Compliance Center.



You can view the entire changelog here. Listed below are some of the biggest improvements and new features


  • Services: Manage ALL Office 365 services! Exchange Online, Compliance Center, SharePoint, Skype For Business. Select the service(s) you want to connect to, disconnect from services.

  • Services: Each individual service has its own tab with sorted commands, If you want to run an Exchange report simply go to to the Exchange Tab

  • Auto Updates: O365 Admin Center will now check to see if it’s on the latest version upon launch. You can also check manually within the program

  • Form: No more manually entering in the UPN when modifying something for a user! A popup will ask you for the user and have a combo-box with all users listed so all you have to do is select one!

  • Form: When selecting a date, such as getting quarantine information or message trace between two dates, you can now use a calendar to pick the beginning and ending dates instead of typing “03/04/2016”

  • Form: When adding a license to a user it will load the combo-box with users that are not licensed and not a list of all users. It will also load all licenses that have at least 1 available. Similarly, when removing a license from a user it will only load a combo-box of the users licenses. This same theme is same throughout the program.

  • Default Tabs: The first service you connect to will be the default tab. So if you only connect to Exchange it will load that tab as default after connecting. No need to select the tab manually.

  • Context Menu: Right click in the textbox to cut, copy, paste, clear screen, and select all

  • Form: Save As and Print features available. It will load the regular windows UI so you can select where to save or what printer to print to instead of typing it in manually.

  • Progress Bar: See the progress when doing items like disconnecting, connecting and more.

  • Safe Guards: When doing items such as deleting a user, deleting all users from recycle bin, change all user’s passwords, disabling ActiveSync for all it will ask if you are sure prior to running the task. If you say no it will not run. This is mainly set when changing something for all users

  • Calendar Permissions: When removing someone from a users calendar permissions, the combo box will load with all users that currently have permission on that users calendar


  • Export to File: Exporting results to a file lets the administrator browse their file system to find the location to save and name the file instead of entering it as plain text. Thanks to /u/byronnnn

  • Pre-Reqs: Changed pre-reqs if you want to manage SharePoint and Skype For Business

  • Fixed formatting issues on Windows 7 machines

  • When connecting to an account that has no tenants the combo box will be disabled along with the connect to tenant button


TIP! The results textbox allows custom command entry! Simply type a command or enter a full script in there and press "Enter" on your keyboard or the "Run Command" button, and the results will be passed to PowerShell into the PSSession with the results displayed on the same textbox!