Public preview for Windows 365 Switch now available

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In a move that promises to simplify the way we use computers, Microsoft has unveiled a new feature in conjunction with its Windows 365 service – the Windows 365 Switch. This innovative feature is now available for public preview today.

Introducing Windows 365 Switch

Windows 365 Switch offers fluid transitions between a Windows 365 Cloud PC and the local desktop. It utilizes the same keyboard commands that users are accustomed to, and the transition can be done with a simple mouse click or swipe gesture.

Advantages for BYOD Users

This marks a significant advantage for those in BYOD (bring your device) scenarios. The ability to easily switch from a personal device to a secure, company-owned cloud PC offers flexibility, security, and peace of mind. It eliminates the fear of a lost or stolen device compromising company data.

Prerequisites for Windows 365 Switch

Microsoft has laid out specific criteria for utilizing the Windows 365 Switch:

  • A Windows 11-based endpoint (Windows 11 Pro and Enterprise are currently supported)
  • Enrollment in the Windows Insider Program (Beta Channel)
  • A Windows 365 Cloud PC license

Once these prerequisites are met, users can download the Windows 365 App, version or newer, from the Microsoft Store. For convenience, IT admins can deploy the app for end users via Microsoft Intune.

The Switch Experience

After installing the Windows 365 App, users can expect a short wait, typically a few hours, for the switch feature to become fully enabled. Subsequently, the switch can be invoked either via the Task View feature adjacent to the Search button on the Windows 11 taskbar or via the Windows 365 app.

This significant step in the evolution of desktop computing brings the industry closer to a reality where the boundaries between local and cloud computing become blurred. As we eagerly anticipate what more Microsoft has in store for Windows 365, the imminent official release of the Windows 365 Switch is a clear leap in that direction.