‘Zelda’ turns 30 and gets a browser-based tribute game

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While we all endure the endless wait for a new Zelda game to grace the Wii U in its last days, the original quest that put Link (and Ganon) on the map is getting a new lease on life. The fan-made project, a voxel-based tribute to The Legend of Zelda that debuted on the NES 30 years ago, takes the 8-bit classic and reimagines it as a playable 2.5D, browser-based game. Yes, you can play it on your laptop or mobile phone. It’s a tribute, albeit unfinished, to "the greatest console game of all time" from programmers Scott Lininger and Mike Magee. And, knowing Nintendo, it’s the kind of thing we imagine won’t survive on the internet for long. So on this day of VR buzz, why not switch tracks for a bit and indulge in video gaming’s past.

Via: The Verge

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