Cisco suggests network administration is fun and games

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Cisco’s trying to get into the games business.

A recent trademark application for ”Cisco Geek Factor” suggests the Borg wants to brand its own “Computer game programs; computer game software for use on mobile and cellular phones.”

United States Patent and Trademark Office filings are very brief: the only other information we have to go on is that the Trademark will cover the following:

“Entertainment services, namely, providing online computer games; providing an on-line computer game in the field of information technology and computer networking.”

That hardly sounds like something kids are going to avoid homework to play.

Cisco is, however, nearly always looking for a way to get more folks learning how to to wrangle its routers and sling its switches. Young people, your forty-something correspondent understands, quite like games. Might The Borg be cooking up some kind of edu-tainment that millennials can experience on their smartphones? Or is Cisco gamifying the experience of network management, turning PING PING PING into PEW PEW PEW? ®

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