Google bringing container expertise to OpenStack

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Google runs one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated automated infrastructures, pioneering new paradigms in cloud computing with containers (launching 2 billion a week), while sharing their work in the open with innovative open source projects like Kubernetes.  

That’s why I’m so excited to announce that Google is sponsoring the OpenStack Foundation, underscoring its commitment to open source and open cloud technologies.

Few companies understand cloud-native apps at scale like Google, so I expect big things as Google developers contribute to OpenStack projects like Magnum. Openstack’s Magnum project directly integrates with Kubernetes, the open source project Google introduced in June, 2014, enabling new cloud native apps to run alongside traditional enterprise workloads on a single platform. The community has also created an easy way to deploy Kubernetes on OpenStack via the Murano project and the new Community App Catalog.

I just spoke with a large enterprise user of OpenStack this week who described OpenStack as their “path to production” for containers. The value proposition for them is that OpenStack can provide a single control plane across all of their infrastructure, which will include VMware, KVM and containerized workloads. OpenStack gives them a solid platform to explore new and compelling technologies as they emerge, and I know they’ll be even more confident in that path knowing that Google has joined our mission to make OpenStack the platform for containerized workloads.

Having a company with Google’s cloud-native chops backing OpenStack is huge, and we can’t wait to see what the future of open collaboration brings to cloud computing!

Be sure to read Craig Mcluckie’s thoughts on today’s announcement on the Google Cloud Platform blog.

Mark Collier

COO, OpenStack Foundation