Microsoft Azure 1st Hyperscale Cloud Computing Platform to Enable UK Law Enforcement Community

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We’re excited and proud to announce that Microsoft Azure is the first hyper-scale cloud computing platform to be able to service UK law enforcement IT customers. This announcement comes in the wake of the United Kingdom’s National Police Information Risk Management Team (NPIRMT) completing a comprehensive physical security review of a Microsoft UK Data Centre. This review is a necessary step to provide assurance to UK law enforcement agencies that their information management systems would be hosted in Police Approved Secure Facilities (PASF).  

As stated by the College of Policing’s Authorized Professional Practice (APP), “Policing is an information-led activity, and information assurance is fundamental to how the police service manages many of the challenges faced in policing today.” Azure is proud to be recognized in this way as we contribute to the information assurance tapestry needed to enable the UK law enforcement community.

The actual NPRIMT PASF assessment is available to policing customers from the Home Office for individual Police Services to review as part of their own approach to risk assessment in utilizing cloud services.

*= It is important to note that the NPIRMT do not offer any warranty of physical security of the Microsoft data center.