OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (July 3 – 10)

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Seven habits of highly effective OpenStack contributors

If you want to be an awesome OpenStack contributor, there’s a formula for that. So says Adrian Otto, who should know. Otto is a distinguished architect at Rackspace, chairman of the OpenStack containers team, current project team lead (PTL) for Magnum and launched the Solum project back in 2013.

Ops Mid-Cycle Meetup in Palo Alto, Aug 18-19

We finalized the dates and location of the Ops mid-cycle meetup. Due to timing and the size of our growing event, the best option to accommodate 300 people (if needed) will be Crowne Plaza Hotel in Palo Alto, CA, August 18-19, 2015. Register now and join the brainstorming to define the agenda.

The Road to Tokyo

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Recently Merged Specs

Subject Owner Project
Change release model to independent releases Jim Rollenhagen openstack/ironic-specs
Add service-version-number spec Dan Smith openstack/nova-specs
Cleanup tempest-library spec Ken’ichi Ohmichi openstack/qa-specs
Add simulation mode spec Ekaterina Chernova openstack/murano-specs
Make ilo drivers standalone work without swift Nisha Agarwal openstack/ironic-specs
Add spec for migrating service client to lib Ghanshyam Mann openstack/qa-specs
Database connection switching for cells melanie witt openstack/nova-specs
Add get_attr form to return all attributes Peter Razumovsky openstack/heat-specs
Add root-disable api Duk Loi openstack/trove-specs
Add REJECT into action rule of FWaaS. Toshiaki Higuchi openstack/neutron-specs
Support Keystone v3 API in openstack puppet modules Richard Megginson openstack/puppet-openstack-specs
Updated attributes in blueprint to match the code Madhusudhan Kandadai openstack/neutron-specs
Properly capitalize OpenStack Andreas Jaeger openstack/openstack-chef-specs
Support data driven test plans for role assignment testing henry-nash openstack/keystone-specs
Add a spec for in tree upgrade tests Sirushti Murugesan openstack/heat-specs
Use Templates for Scenario Tests Configuration Luigi Toscano openstack/sahara-specs
Volume migration improvement for Liberty version Vincent Hou openstack/cinder-specs
Setup Security Specs Repo Priti Desai openstack/security-specs
get-me-a-network: Really get a network Kyle Mestery openstack/neutron-specs
Added spec for add-cas Ade Lee openstack/barbican-specs
Spec for sending polled meters to notification agent Chris Dent openstack/ceilometer-specs
Integrate DNS resolution with an external DNS service Carl Baldwin openstack/neutron-specs
Fix diagram representation in rst Alexander Makarov openstack/keystone-specs
API changes for Reseller Raildo Mascena de Sousa Filho openstack/keystone-specs
Add OS::Heat::None resource spec Steven Hardy openstack/heat-specs
Remove name field from fields in dynamic UI Ekaterina Chernova openstack/murano-specs
Add heat template-function-list command Oleksii Chuprykov openstack/heat-specs
Move devstack-external-plugins spec into implemented Matthew Treinish openstack/qa-specs
Support Keystone v3 API in openstack puppet modules Richard Megginson openstack/puppet-openstack-specs
Implement server instance tagging Sergey Nikitin openstack/nova-specs
Keystone Lightweight Tokens (KLWT) Lance Bragstad openstack/keystone-specs
Use underscores instead of dashes as word separators in API resource names Dave McCowan openstack/barbican-specs
console: convert consoles code to use objects framework sahid openstack/nova-specs
Adds Hyper-V vNUMA enable spec Claudiu Belu openstack/nova-specs
Adds Hyper-V vTPM devices spec Claudiu Belu openstack/nova-specs
RPC and versionobject compatibility Thang Pham openstack/cinder-specs
Don’t put subnet pools in a scope by default Carl Baldwin openstack/neutron-specs
New ZeroMQ driver implementation details Oleksii Zamiatin openstack/oslo-specs
Add user-identity-format-flexibility for oslo.log Doug Hellmann openstack/oslo-specs
Enable optional dependencies in OpenStack projects lifeless openstack/oslo-specs
Specification for Adding Kafka Driver Komei Shimamura openstack/oslo-specs
Add flavor tables to API database Vineet Menon openstack/nova-specs
Servicegroup foundational refactoring for Control Plane Vilobh Meshram openstack/nova-specs

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Gnocchi taking care of my notifications

Gnocchi taking care of my notifications

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