OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (June 19 – 26)

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New OpenStack component versioning

Thierry Carrez explains why the Liberty-1 milestone release has some unfamiliar version numbers for familiar projects.

Technical Committee Highlights June 25, 2015

A compute starter kit tag has been approved, it provides a place for a beginner who only wants to try to get a computing cloud use case started. New projects under the OpenStack “Big Tent”: Searchlight, OS-ansible-deployment (OSAD), Solum and Cue Message Broker service.

Forrester says: ready, set, OpenStack!

A recent report from Forrester gives a major boost to OpenStack adoption, calling its “viability and presence in the market irrefutable.” You can download the entire report for a limited time on the website.

The Road to Tokyo

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Recently Merged Specs

Subject Owner Project
Clean up tenant resources when one is deleted Assaf Muller openstack/neutron-specs
Fixes for generic RAID interface Devananda van der Veen openstack/ironic-specs
Add spec for reference implementation split Kyle Mestery openstack/neutron-specs
Add Spec Lifecycle Rules to readme Matthew Oliver openstack/swift-specs
Add uuid field to security-groups for server show heijlong openstack/nova-specs
Add spec to enhance PCI passthrough whitelist to support regex Moshe Levi openstack/nova-specs
Moved driver interface from backlog to liberty Ajaya Agrawal openstack/keystone-specs
Update monasca spec with version 5.0.0 Kanagaraj Manickam openstack/heat-specs
Add Zone Exists Event Spec Kiall Mac Innes openstack/designate-specs
VLAN aware VMs Erik Moe openstack/neutron-specs
Allow unaddressed port(without l3 address, subnet) and to boot VM with it Isaku Yamahata openstack/neutron-specs
Uniform Resource Signals Miguel Grinberg openstack/heat-specs
Decompose vendor plugins/drivers for neutron-*aas Doug Wiegley openstack/neutron-specs
Lbaas, use Octavia as reference implementation Doug Wiegley openstack/neutron-specs
MySQL manager refactor Alex Tomic openstack/trove-specs
Add virt-driver CPU thread pinning Stephen Finucane openstack/nova-specs
Implement external physical bridge mapping in linuxbridge Li Ma openstack/neutron-specs
Add port timestamp Zhiyuan Cai openstack/neutron-specs
Add availability_zone support IWAMOTO Toshihiro openstack/neutron-specs
PowerVM Compute Inspector Drew Thorstensen openstack/ceilometer-specs
Add rootwrap-daemon-mode blueprint Yuriy Taraday openstack/nova-specs
Add heat template-version-list command to cmd Oleksii Chuprykov openstack/heat-specs
Add a str_split intrinsic function Steven Hardy openstack/heat-specs
Add spec for more-gettext-support Peng Wu openstack/oslo-specs
trivial: Change file permissions for spec Stephen Finucane openstack/nova-specs
Action listing Tim Hinrichs openstack/congress-specs
libvirt: virtio-net multiqueue Vladik Romanovsky openstack/nova-specs
Spec for adding audit capability using CADF specification. Arun Kant openstack/barbican-specs
libvirt: set admin root password sahid openstack/nova-specs
Report host memory bandwidth as a metric in Nova Sudipta Biswas openstack/nova-specs
Adds Hyper-V Cluster spec Claudiu Belu openstack/nova-specs
Inject NMI to an instance Shiina, Hironori openstack/nova-specs
Add a Distinct Exception for Exceeding Max Retries Ed Leafe openstack/nova-specs
Fix error messages on check-flavor-type Ken’ichi Ohmichi openstack/nova-specs
Add BuildRequest object Andrew Laski openstack/nova-specs
Groups are not included in federated scoped tokens Dolph Mathews openstack/keystone-specs
Add spec for event alarm evaluator Ryota MIBU openstack/ceilometer-specs refactor Roman Bogorodskiy openstack/nova-specs
user_data modification Alexandre Levine openstack/nova-specs
Add support for Redis replication Peter Stachowski openstack/trove-specs
Adds spec for modeling resources using objects Jay Pipes openstack/nova-specs
Add tooz service group driver Joshua Harlow openstack/nova-specs
Add List of Group-IDs to ACL for Secrets/Containers John Wood openstack/barbican-specs
Specification for spark-jobs-for-cdh-5-3-0 added Alexander openstack/sahara-specs
Scheduler Introduce lightwieght transactional model for HostState Nikola Dipanov openstack/nova-specs
DNS resolution inside of Neutron using Nova instance name Carl Baldwin openstack/neutron-specs
Allow multiple clusters creation simultaneously Telles Mota Vidal Nóbrega openstack/sahara-specs
Update the backlog spec page John Garbutt openstack/nova-specs
Add spec for decoupling auth from API versions to backlog Morgan Fainberg openstack/keystone-specs
Let users restrict stack-update scope Ryan Brown openstack/heat-specs
Update of `support-modify-volume-image-metadata.rst` Dave Chen openstack/cinder-specs
Add ability to abandon environments Dmytro Dovbii openstack/murano-specs
Add the oslo_db enginefacade proposal Matthew Booth openstack/nova-specs
Track cinder capacity notifications XinXiaohui openstack/ceilometer-specs

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Rushing to see if my bug was fixed in the release note

Rushing to see if my bug was fixed in the release note

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