OpenStack Developer Mailing List Digest December 5-11

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Success Bot Says

  • AJaeger: With Juno End-of-Life, Python 2.6 testing has been removed from OpenStack CI.
  • Tell us yours via IRC with a message “#success [insert success]”.

Gerrit Update 12/16

  • Gerrit will be offline December 16th 17:00-21:00 UTC
  • Gerrit will be upgraded to 2.11
  • IP address will stay the same.
  • For questions, reply to the thread or on IRC #openstack-infra.

Release Countdown For Week R-17, Dec 7-11

  • Focus should be on cross-project themes identified a the summit [1], and whether any work needs to be done to address them in your project.
  • Doug Hellmann will be offline until December 21st. The rest of the release management team will able to assist via:
    • IRC #openstack-release
    • Mailing list with “[release]” in the subject.
  • Release actions:
    • If the Liberty release notes page [2] doesn’t have a link to your project’s release notes, submit a patch to your deliverable file in openstack/releases.

Bugs Will Now Close Automatically When Patches Merge

  • Part of deprecating our use of Launchpad for tracking completed work, when a patch with “Fixes-Bug” in the commit message merges, the bug will move to ‘Fixed Released” instead of “Fix Committed”.

Cleaning Up Deprecation Warnings in the Gate

  • We have a lot of logs to process in our elastic search cluster, which results in frequently having issues with the amount of RAM available in the cluster.
  • In general it would be good for projects to look at how verbose their logging is, and if that’s really necessary.
  • Using this query [3] to show deprecation warnings on jobs running on master the past 7 days shows 17576707 hits.
  • We need volunteers to to make changes in things like Devstack to have it avoid using deprecated options.
    • If you would like to help, please use the topic ‘stop-using-deprecated-options’ [4].

Stable Team PTL Elected

  • Close to 200 voters have elected Matt Riedmann as the first stable team PTL [5].
  • Matt will be looking into meeting times next week to begin discussions on transitioning from release team and work items.

Announcing the OpenStack Health Dashboard

  • A dashboard to visualize the state of tests running in gate [6].
  • Started last September, it’s still in early phases.
  • Biggest limitations:
    • The datastore: using subunit2sql as the backend for all data and only collecting results for tempest and grenade runs in the gate and periodic queues.
    • No results for runs that fail before tempest starts running.
  • Code [7]
  • Launchpad [8]
  • Work items that need to be done [9].