OpenStack Developer Mailing List Digest Feb 7-12

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  • dhellmann: [1] is live with release history and upcoming release schedules.
  • ttx:  Governance changes are now announced in #openstack-dev, to increase general awareness about them!
  • jklare: Just merged the first batch of opentack-chef cookbook patches for the Mitaka cycle! 4.229 lines of code refactored and 18.678 lines removed!
  • johnthetubaguy: Nova subteams starting to look after themselves, and effectively reporting their progress to the wider community
  • All:

Dropping KEYSTONE_CATALOG_BACKEND – Plus Update Your Devstack Plugins

  • Devstack has some half baked support for Keystone templated service catalog.
  • In an effort to clean up parts of Devstack, we’re dropping that [2].
  • This breaks everyone’s Devstack plugin that references the KEYSTONE_CATALOG_BACKEND variable.
  • This variable will be kept around until Newton development opens up.
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All Hail the New Per-region PyPI, wheel and APT Mirrors

  • We have new AFS-based consistent per-region mirrors of PyPI and API repositories, with additional wheel repositories containing pre-built wheels for all the modules in global-requirements.
  • You should not notice a difference, except jobs should be a bit faster and more reliable.
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Release countdown for week R-7, Feb 15-19

  • Focus: Project teams should be focusing on wrapping up new feature work in all libraries.
  • Release Actions:
    • We will be strictly enforcing the library release freeze before Mitaka-3 in 2 weeks.
    • Review client libraries, integration libraries, and any other libraries managed by your team, and ensure recent changes have been released.
    • Ensure global-requirements and constraints lists are up to date, with accurate minimum versions, and exclusions.
    • Projects using cycle-with-intermediary release model need to produce intermediate releases. See Thierry’s emails for details [3].
    • Review stable/liberty branches and submit patches to openstack/releases if you want them.
  • Important Dates
    • Final release for  non-client libraries: Feb 24
    • Final release for client libraries: Mar 2
    • Mitaka 3: Feb 29-Mar 4 (includes feature freeze and soft string freeze)
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Why WADL When You Can Swagger

  • Continuing from previous update [4].
  • Every build of the api-site is now running fairy-slipper to migrate from WADL to Swagger.
    • Those migrated Swagger files are copied to [5].
  • Not all files migrate smoothly. We’d love to get teams looking at these migrated files. Thank you to those who have already submitted fixes!
    • If you see a problem in the original WADL when viewing [5], log it [7].
    • If you see a problem with the migration tool, log it [8].
  • The Infra team is reviewing a specification [6] so that we can serve API information from
  • You can hop onto #openstack-doc or #openstack-sdks to ask nick annegentle
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Tenant VS. Project

  • Sean Dague brings up that OpenStack’s use of tenant vs. project. Which are we transitioning to?
  • Keystone is working towards allowing project_id in the service catalog [9].
  • Neutron is transitioning to project_id now.
  • The current Ansible OpenStack modules are using project [10].
  • OSLO Logging/Context are using project.
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Proposal: Separate Design Summits From OpenStack Conferences

  • The OpenStack design summits originally started out as working events.
  • The OpenStack summits growing more marketing and sales focus, the contributors attending are often unfocused.
  • Some contributors submit talks for the conference, because their company says it’s the only way for them to attend the conference. Part of the reason for this is the cost of attending.
  • Thierry Carrez (who helps organize the design summit) explains that he has been working a solution for separation of the summit and the conference himself, and the Foundation is finalizing a strawman proposal that will be pushed to the community for comments soon.
  • Full thread:

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