OpenStack Developer Mailing List Digest March 12-18

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SuccessBot Says

  • Bknudson: we got rid of keystone CLI [in favor of OpenStack Client]
  • jrichli: it has been shown that Swift encryption can pass all functional tests.
  • Bauzas: only a very few Nova changes were missing a reno file, the team is now super-trained on getting them.
  • Odyssey4me: OpenStack-Ansible now has a Designate role ready for testing [1].
  • ttx: Glance is the first project to issue RC1!
  • Mugsie: mlavalle completed the Nova/Neutron/Designate DNS Integration along with docs + clients.
  • Odyssey4me: OpenStack-Ansible has released Kilo 11.2.11. It’s the first time that we’ve used the release team for a release and we love it!
  • Odyssey4me: OpenStack-Ansible Liberty 12.0.8 has been released.
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Current PTL Election Status

  • Important dates:
    • Election open: 2016-03-18 00:00 UTC
    • Election close: 2016-03-24 23:59 UTC
  • Projects with only one candidate: 41
  • Projects with no PTL candidates:
    • EC2-API
    • Stable Branch Maintenance
    • Winstackers
  • The TC will appoint a new PTL for projects without a candidate [2]
  • Confirmed Candidates [3]

Quotas – Service vs. Library

  • There is a spec for cross-project Quota work [4] that is seeking feedback to move ahead as a service or library.
  • Service:
    • New project to manage quotas for all projects that use the service.
    • It will be responsible for handling the enforcement, management and DB upgrades of the quotas logic for all.
    • However, all projects would have a big dependency on this one service.
  • Library – two ways:
    • Does not deal with database models
      • Maybe a ABC or even a few standard implementation vectors that can be imported into a project space.
      • The project will have it’s own API for quotas and the drivers will enforce different types (e.g. flat quota driver or hierarchical quota driver) with custom/project
      • Project maintains it’s own DB and upgrades.
    • A library that has models for DB tables that the project can import from.
      • Projects will have a handy outline of what the tables should look like.
      • Project has it’s own API and implements drivers in-tree by importing this semi-defined structure.
      • Project maintains it’s own upgrades but will be somewhat influenced by the common repo.
  • Or just avoid all this simply give guidelines.
  • A service has been proposed in the past with projects like Boson [5].
  • Tim Bell raises initially a library would be good.
    • If we can’t agree on a library, we’re unlikely to agree on a service.
    • Would allow for consistent implementation of nested and user quotas.
  • For projects like Trove that need a consistent lock on quotas of all projects, there are race condition issues for projects like Nova that need to be solved first.
  • The main issue with doing a library that was raised in a previous summit was how to tie in database table management with the existing tables owned by a project. While this is not impossible to solve, we need to think about which tools can help with that.
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