OpenStack Developer Mailing List Digest March 5-11

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SuccessBot Says

  • Ajaeger: All jobs moved from bare-trusty to ubuntu-trusty.
  • Clarkb: Infra is running logstash 2.0 now
  • Tell us yours via IRC with a message “#success [insert success]”.
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  • API guidelines ready for review:
    • Header non proliferation [1]
    • Client interaction guideline for microversions [2]

Election Season, PTL and TC

  • PTL elections:
    • Important dates:
      • Nominations open: 2016-03-11 00:00 UTC
      • Nominations close: 2016-03-17 23:59 UTC
      • Election open: 2016-03-18 00:00 UTC
      • Election close: 2016-03-24 23:59 UTC
    • Every project team must elect a PTL every 6 months.
    • More info and how to submit your candidacy [3].
  • TC elections:
    • Important dates:
      • Nominations open: 2016-03-25 00:00 UTC
      • Nominations close: 2016-03-31 23:59 UTC
      • Election open: 2016-04-01 00:00 UTC
      • Election close: 2016-04-07 23:59 UTC
    • Under the rules of the TC charter [4] we renew 7 TC seats. Seats are valid for one year.
    • More info and how to submit your candidacy [5].
  • Full thread

The stable:follows-policy Tag Is Official, Projects Need To Start Applying For It

  • This is official in the governance documents [6].
  • Projects that follow the stable branch policy [7] should start applying.
  • Full thread


Release Countdown For Week R-3, March 14-18

  • Focus:
    • Projects teams following cycle-with-milestone model:
      • Preparing their first Mitaka release candidate this week.
      • This should be tagged using (X.Y.Z.0rc1) as soon as the pressure to unfreeze master is stronger than the cost of backporting bugfixes.
      • The release team will create stable branches from the release candidate tag points.
    • Project teams following the cycle-with-intermediary model
      • Ensure you have at least one mitaka release.
      • Determine if you need another release before the end of the Mitaka cycle.
    • All feature freeze exceptions that haven’t landed at this point should wait until Newton.
  • General Notes:
    • The global requirements list is frozen. If you need to change a dependency, for a bug fix, please provide enough detail in the change request to allow the requirements review team to evaluate the change.
    • User-facing strings are frozen to allow the translation team time to finish their work.
  • Release Actions:
    • The release team has started creating the stable/mitaka branches for libraries.
    • Follow-up on the mailing list thread [8] to acknowledge and approve the version number to use to create the branch.
      • This only includes projects with release:managed tag.
      • Other projects can post on the thread of request their own branches.
  • Important Dates:
    • RC target week: R-1, March 28 – April 1
    • Mitaka final release: April 4-8
    • Mitaka release schedule [9].
  • Full thread

Reminder: WSME Is Not Being Actively Maintained

  • Chris Dent and Lucas Gomes have been actively verifying bug fixes and keeping things going with WSME, but are no longer interested or have the time to continue. It was also found it never really reached a state where any of the following are true:
    • The WSME code is easy to understand and maintain.
    • WSME provides correct handling of HTTP (notably response status and headers).
    • WSME has an architecture that is suitable for creating modern Python-based web applications.
  • There’s a suggestion for the 24 different OpenStack projects that are using it to move to something else.
  • One big reason for choosing WSME earlier was that it had support for both XML and JSON without application code needing to do anything explicitly.
    • The community has decided to stop providing XML API support and some other tools have been used instead to provide parsing and validation features similar to WSME:
      • JSONSchema
      • Voluptuous
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