[PowerShell] Dashimo – Conditional Formatting for HTML Tables and more

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Hi guys,

After a few days of work, I’m releasing an updated version of Dashimo.

New blog post with examples/screenshots and how to: https://evotec.xyz/dashimo-easy-table-conditional-formatting-and-more/

If you never have seen this before: https://evotec.xyz/meet-dashimo-powershell-generated-dashboard/ is an overview of what Dashimo is.

What’s new:

  • conditional formatting
  • more exposed parameters to Table
  • description of Autorefresh
  • Show parameter for dashboard

Conditional formatting in action…

$Process = Get-Process | Select-Object -First 30 Dashboard -Name 'Dashimo Test' -FilePath $PSScriptRoot\DashboardSimplestTableConditions.html -Show { Table -DataTable $Process -HideFooter { TableConditionalFormatting -Name 'ID' -ComparisonType number -Operator gt -Value 10000 -Color BlueViolet -Row TableConditionalFormatting -Name 'Name' -ComparisonType string -Operator eq -Value 'chrome' -Color White -BackgroundColor Crimson -Row TableConditionalFormatting -Name 'PriorityClass' -ComparisonType string -Operator eq -Value 'Idle' -Color White -BackgroundColor Green } } 

Easy example:

$Process = Get-Process | Select-Object -First 30 Dashboard -Name 'Dashimo Test' -FilePath $PSScriptRoot\DashboardSimplestTable.html -AutoRefresh 15 -Show { Table -DataTable $Process -DefaultSortIndex 4 -ScrollCollapse -HideFooter -Buttons @() } 

Complicated, still easy example:

$Process = Get-Process | Select-Object -First 30 $Process1 = Get-Process | Select-Object -First 5 $Process2 = Get-Process | Select-Object -First 10 $Process3 = Get-Process | Select-Object -First 10 Dashboard -Name 'Dashimo Test' -FilePath $PSScriptRoot\DashboardEasy.html -Show { Tab -Name 'First tab' { Section -Name 'Test' { Table -DataTable $Process } Section -Name 'Test2' { Panel { Table -DataTable $Process1 } Panel { Table -DataTable $Process1 } } Section -Name 'Test3' { Table -DataTable $Process -DefaultSortColumn 'Id' } } Tab -Name 'second tab' { Panel { Table -DataTable $Process2 } Panel { Table -DataTable $Process2 } Panel { Table -DataTable $Process3 -DefaultSortIndex 4 } } } 

Enjoy and hope you like this one.

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