Reinstall Windows 10 using Refresh Windows Tool from Microsoft

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Reinstall Windows 10 using Refresh Windows Tool from Microsoft

If you wish to reinstall Windows 10 to make it run like new again, you can use the newly released Refresh Windows Tool from Microsoft. This tool works on versions running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and later.

Refresh Windows Tool

Refresh Windows Tool

Today, Windows 10 offers you easy options to Reset Windows, which is available in Settings > Update > Recovery > Reset this PC. The built-in Reset option may allow you to keep your files, but will remove all installed programs and restore Windows settings back to defaults.

This newly released standalone Refresh Windows Tool will install a clean copy of the most recent version os Windows 10 on your PC and remove the apps that were installed on it.

When you run this tool, after receiving your UAC confirmation, it will extract some files and you will see a Getting things ready screen. Next you will have to accept the License Terms.

Once you do this, the tool will download the latest copy of Windows 10 from Microsoft servers and carry out a clean install. You cannot use your own ISO which may have been stored by you locally.

You will also be offered the option to:

  1. Keep personal files only
  2. Remove the personal files, where everything will be deleted including files, settings and apps.

Incidentally, this is similar to what the Media Creation Tool does, so until some new functionalities are added to this tool, you may not find much use for it.

You can download the Refresh Windows Tool from Microsoft. I repeat, this will work on your latest Insider Builds, Windows 10 Anniversary Update and later – and it may not work on your current Windows 10 build.

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