Shure wants dedicated spectrum for wireless audio gear in the UK

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The proliferation of mobile phones is great, and so is the availability of 4G in the UK. However, dwindling spectrum available for wireless audio gear could cause problems at your local music venue or playhouse — especially in the UK. Shure, the pro audio company, wants a dedicated radio spectrum for wireless microphones, in-ear monitors and other tech. As the company puts it, the best area for the audio gadgets to work is UHF bands IV and V or 470 – 854MHz. In the UK specifically, the 800MHz band has been approved for use by 4G networks and 700MHz is next. Those bands were made available after television service switched from analog to digital a few years back.

In order to ensure that pro audio gear for concerts, stage productions and other live events is able to operate properly, Shure wants dedicated spectrum for wireless audio gear to operate that’s off limits to mobile companies. "Electromagnetic spectrum is a national resource, just like gold or oil, there is only so much of it," the company says. "And, if the Government continues to clear more UHF spectrum, we will eventually run out."

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