Skype gets shareable conversation links for easy invites

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Need to invite someone to join a Skype session? Well, that task just got a lot easier. The video-chatting app added a new feature that lets you invite folks to join a conversation with a shareable link. All you have to do is nab the URL, send it to the person and they can click it to join. What’s more, the invitee doesn’t need a Skype account to do so. Clicking on a shared link can employ Skype on the web as a guest, but it’ll still offer access to messaging and both video and voice calls. If you’re familiar with sharing links to Dropbox or OneDrive files, you have an idea of how this works. It sounds like a simple addition, but it’s sure to save time, and allow people who aren’t using the app to easily participate as needed.

Source: Skype