Technical Committee Highlights June 24, 2015

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Beginners, start your engines

A compute starter kit tag has been approved, it provides a place for a beginner who only wants to try to get a computing cloud use case started. We discussed some reservations about recommending such a simple starting point, including only using nova-network for inter-vm networks, and recommending multi-host for that use case, but feel the current tagged projects indicate a decent starting point for now. We’ll update it as we see improvements to the starting experience. The projects for an OpenStack starter kit are: cinder, glance, keystone, and nova. Additional tags are being proposed to help with the release mechanisms for a type:service tag, and type:library tag merged this week.

Welcome, new projects

We welcomed new projects to the “we are OpenStack” definition, including:

  • Searchlight, providing indexes and search across cloud resources
  • OS-ansible-deployment (OSAD), deploying OpenStack using Ansible playbooks
  • Solum, managing the application lifecycle and source-to-image workflows
  • Cue Message Broker service project proposal, for deploying and managing message brokers using a REST API

There were several topics we didn’t get to discuss in this meeting due to the longer discussion about the compute starter kit, but we will get to those next week. Check the meeting agenda on the wiki any time you wonder what topics are up for discussion.

Project Team Guide sprint

The sprint for the Project Team Guide was last week, and the authors are going great gangbusters. The goal for this guide is to provide teams a starting point for understanding our philosophy and general thinking about what it means to be an OpenStack project. See the review queue for the work in progress. It’s not published to the web yet, so if you’d like to write or revise anything, propose a patch for review to the project-team-guide repository and build it locally.

Awaiting the M name

The poll for the M release name closed this week and we’re all awaiting the final name selection. Stay tuned to the openstack-dev mailing list for the final M name.