These Bluetooth lights turn your bike wheels into turn signals

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Safety lights are one of the most important pieces of bicycle equipment, especially if you ride at night or in low-visibility weather conditions. Most look the same — a large, forward-facing beam under your handlebars and a slim row of red LEDs under the saddle. But Revolights are a little different. For years now, the company has been experimenting with lights that attach directly to your wheels and, by constantly analysing your speed, illuminate at just the right moment to create two arcs of light. The new Eclipse, which it’s pitching on Indiegogo, is its most ambitious set to date. For starters, there’s now a rechargeable "snap-in" battery which removes the awkward, dangling cables from before. The Eclipse+ version is also Bluetooth-enabled, meaning you can track your rides and monitor battery life from your smartphone, as well as trigger turn signals — a full, flashing ring of lights on one side — through a control pad on the handlebars, an app, or by gesturing with a smartwatch.

Source: Revolights Eclipse (Indiegogo)