This electric 1959 Mini Cooper is everything that’s right in the world

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Take a break from the dumpster fire that is 2018. This electric Mini will make you smile.

Built as a show piece, the car features an electric powertrain in a restored 1959 Mini Cooper. Of course it’s red with a white stripe, and, and of course, there are rally lights across the grill. This is how a Mini should look, and an electric powertrain should make it feel the part, too.

Minis are supposed to be oversized go-karts that go like mad with near-instant acceleration. And that’s the best part of electric vehicles: instant torque that produces insane acceleration.

Mini hasn’t revealed the range or capabilities of this show car. Its purpose is mostly to draw attention to Mini’s other electric vehicles and concepts. Mini has been producing electric vehicles since 2008 when it created a limited run of Mini E, which was used to make the BMW i3. More recently Mini announced the Mini Electric Concept and intends to put it on the market by 2019.

But forget about that new car that’s sure to be overloaded with screens, LEDs and silly things like airbags. None of that stuff will make people smile as much as a classic Mini Cooper.