RancherOS Hits General Availability

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Rancher Labs announced the general availability of RancherOS,
a simplified Linux distribution built from containers, for containers.
RancherOS eliminates any unnecessary libraries and services, resulting
in a footprint three times smaller than that of other container
operating systems. The simplified container environment reduces
container boot time, increases efficiency and improves security by
reducing the number of components that can be exploited.

BRCloud Services, we strive to deliver the best solutions to address
our customers’ needs,” said Helvio Lima, CEO at BRCloud Services.
“RancherOS epitomizes what modern infrastructure should look like. We’re
thrilled to integrate the container operating system into our

makes it simple to run containers at scale in development, test and
production. By containerizing system services and leveraging Docker for
management, the operating system provides an incredibly reliable and
simple to manage container-ready environment. System services are
defined by Docker Compose and automatically configured using cloud-init,
reducing administrative burden. Unneeded libraries and services are
eliminated, significantly reducing the OS footprint and minimizing the
hassle of updating, patching and maintaining a container host operating
system. Containers running on RancherOS boot in seconds, making the
operating system ideal for running microservices or auto-scaling. Teams
can use the Rancher container management platform to easily manage
RancherOS at large scale in production.

Key features of RancherOS include:

  • Minimalist OS: Eliminates the need for unnecessary libraries and services
  • Automatic configuration: Simplifies OS configuration by using cloud-init to parse the cloud-config files from multiple data sources
  • Simple setup: Runs
    services inside containers orchestrated using Docker Compose service
    files, making setup as simple as running a Docker container
  • Reduced footprint: Decreases
    resource requirements with a footprint three times smaller than that of
    other container operating systems in the market
  • Extensive platform support: Supports
    Amazon EC2, bare metal, Digital Ocean, Docker Machine, GCE, KVM,
    OpenStack, Packet, Vagrant, VMware (experimental) and VirtualBox

is a minimalist Linux distribution that is perfect for running Docker
containers,” said Sheng Liang, co-founder and CEO of Rancher Labs. “By
running Docker directly on top of the kernel and delivering Linux
services as containers, RancherOS delivers just what you need to build a
containerized application environment.”

additional information on Rancher software and to learn more about
Rancher Labs and the company’s open source products, please visit www.rancher.com